We Believe We Can Bridge The Gap, One Child At A Time

My name is Snit Tewoldemedhin. I was born and raised in Eritrea. I have been living in the United States for four years as of this February. Currently, I am a 24-year-old senior Neuroscience student at George Mason University, as well as a co-lead guide in a Montessori school. 

My passion for this cause stems from my 16-year-old younger sister, who is on the Down syndrome spectrum. Despite her inherent potential and unique talents, she has not received the educational opportunities that would enable her to thrive. I strongly believe that quality education is a fundamental right for everyone, including children like my sister.

My initial plan was to focus on designing learning tools that can help children with special needs achieve basic skills. After witnessing a colleague getting fired from work over a minor issue, which appeared scandalous to others, I was strongly compelled to advocate against isolating special needs children in separate classrooms. Instead, I believe they should be included in mainstream classrooms where their peers can learn about their situation, develop empathy, and foster a future career path that welcomes and accommodates individuals with special needs. By doing so, we can destigmatize the way individuals with special needs are handled in the education system, both in the United States and in Africa, and subsequently in the workforces.

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